Peace of Mind

Kinetic K-nine strives to connect with each pet on such a level that secures the peace of mind of the owners while they are away. Through a knowledgeable, reliable, and attentive approach to each dogs' individual needs: you will be assured, when your pet is under our care, that they are treated like family just as if you were with them yourself.

Active Health

The company is centered on the belief that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind; and dogs that are exercised regularly will be better behaved and generally happier. Kinetic K-nine acts as your pets' personal trainer of sorts, making sure they get all the physical and mental exercise they need to live an active, healthy lifestyle.

Individual Attention

Kinetic K-nine is always one-on-one so that your pet gets the love and personal attention it deserves. The importance of such exclusive time spent with your dog cannot be overstated, primarily in regards to establishing and sustaining a comfortable relationship with them that yields the most gratifying experience possible.

Comfort at Home

Nothing is more soothing to a dog's psyche than maintaining a routine, and almost nothing is more disturbing than breaking it. Kinetic K-nine secures a bond for your dog with their very own personal companion; combining that consistency with the familiarity of being at home ensures a comfortable and familiar experience for your pet.

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